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Enjoy a Cup of Coffee and Some Treats

Iced Coffees and Milkshakes 

At BARNES FINE ART GALLERY, we take our coffee very seriously! We offer a full artisan experience and great care is taken to source the highest grade coffee with the least environmental impact.


Guilt Free Artisan Coffees


The Fairtrade Mark is the only independent guarantee that coffee farmers have been paid a price that is higher than the cost of production. It also guarantees an additional social premium for the growers. They need to spend the premium democratically: to develop the business or pay for community projects.

Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance seal of approval means that coffee farmers look after the tropical forests where they live and work. This certifies that wildlife is protected, rivers are kept clean, and natural resources conserved. For us, it is the gold standard in environmental certifications for coffee growing


If the coffee is organic, it means the farmers do not use unnecessary chemicals and pesticides - good news for plant and animal life. It is also good news for farmers; organic certification means they command higher prices, on top of the Fairtrade prices.

We try our hardest to run all BARNES FINE ART GALLERY services as ethically as possible while maintaining the highest standards of

quality and service.

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