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Sophie Carter


Pure 40x38.5cm


Alive 60x60cm


Last Light 40x38.5cm


Silence 80x80cm


Peace 80x77cm


Sophie Carter 

Sophie Carter was born in 1972, growing up in Cornwall.  She drew and painted throughout her childhood, however circumstances led her to a career in horticulture. During this time she continued to paint, constantly being inspired by the nature around her.  In 2016, Sophie enrolled on the first of three courses at Newlyn School of Art and now she paints full time.

Sophie builds up layers of magic on these incredible works envied by all and utterly impossible for anyone to reproduce. Her past in a career working in horticulture shows as these are truly British skies captured in their full beauty. 

To own a Sophie Carter is to own a piece of magic. The mixed media used in the pieces reflects light differently during the day and seasons . 

A mesmerising, moving window casting its etherial beauty across  your home.

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