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Jenna Green

Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 11.58.09.jpeg

Stag 142x102cm



Crocodile 100x147cm

PHOTO-2023-09-29-13-52-05 6.jpg

Shark 107x137cm

Shark Gold Teeth 107x137cm

Gorilla Gold Ear-Rings 114x96cm

Jenna Green

Rhino 80x85cm

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 09.31.24.png

Pangolin 86x81cm

Jenna Green

Three Lions 56x84cm

Feline Focus 79x67cm

Jenna Green
Jenna Green

Lioness 97x76cm

Jenna Green

Bear 83x105cm

Jenna Green

Brothers 84x56cm

Horses 76x142cm


Petite Pieces

Jenna Green
Jenna Green
Jenna Green
Jennna Green
Jenna Green
Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 11.48.48.jpeg

Dahlia 105x105cm

Jenna Green 

Jenna`s original and beautiful drawings are for sale exclusively through Barnes Fine Art gallery,

The detail in Jenna`s work is both magical and jaw  dropping .

It`s hard not to reach out and stroke the fur of these magnificent animals .

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